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Rates and Fees

Gone are the days that we can post an accurate rate sheet on line.  Today, each loan and each buyer is unique, and the pricing for their loan will be based on that individual. Loan to value and equity in a property will vary and that will affect the interest rate and fees.  Credit scores may have a major impact on the interest rate, so quoting a general interest rate will not be accurate for each borrower.  Interest rates and fees can change several times per day, without notice, due to changes in the financial markets.
The Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act of 2010 requires mortgage lenders to provide clear and accurate disclosures to allow consumers to make more informed decisions in their financial choices. It was intended to improve clarity of mortgage paperwork for home buyers and to help eliminate deceptive lending practices.  In order to give you a realistic estimate for your particular situation, we will need some information about your specific situation.

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