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It takes a true Hero to run into a burning building.

It’s not something for the faint of heart and it takes a remarkable individual to risk their lives to save others from harm. I have been inside burning buildings and I know from experience, it is one of the most frightening events you can experience. The heat and the fire, and not being able to breath can make your life flash before you. Like other Heroes, Firefighters make many personal sacrifices and give up precious time with their families to keep the rest of us safe. Envoy Mortgage understands who you are and what you do for us every day.

It is common for most Fire Departments to have flexible hours due to the normal 24 Hour Shifts.  This allows many Firefighters to enjoy additional days off with their families, or in some cases, a second career opportunity.  Many of the Firefighters and First Responders we work with have second jobs as Contractors, Electricians or other Tradespeople and enjoy the benefits of additional income as a result of their hard work.  This additional income leads to opportunities to invest in Real Estate as a “Flipper” who buys,  renovates and sells a home for a profit, or someone who just invests in rental properties for future income and security. Envoy Mortgage offers several investor programs that can assist you in the purchase of Real Estate for short or long term investing.  For the purchase of a residence for your family, Envoy offers FHA Renovation Loans that can finance a home in need of repairs, along with the funds for the complete remodeling of that property, all in one loan at closing.  For Rental Properties or a “Flip” project, Conventional financing at competitive rates can be the answer.

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