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Teachers are Heroes too!

Teachers are Heroes too! They help shape the lives of our children and set them on the proper path to become productive individuals. We can all remember a Great Teacher that changed our lives. Teachers make sacrifices every day with long hours, disruptive students, language challenges and often times they have to purchase supplies with their own funds. Yes, we know teachers and the special kind of person it takes to become one. That dedication is about to pay off for you with the Extra Credit Teacher Home Purchase Program. (ECTP).

Envoy Mortgage has the right home loan program just for you. Teachers and support staff are now eligible for down payment assistance programs that will allow you to purchase a home with little or no down payment. In many cases we can even help to finance your closing costs with a deferred payment loan or we will allow the seller to pay those costs for you. Some cities in California offer special incentives. CalSTRS and CalPERS members, private school teachers and California College professors may be eligible too. All this with Envoy’s competitive interest rates and a host of loan programs for the Teachers who are Heroes to all of us.

If you are purchasing or refinancing a home anywhere in California, including the Sacramento Valley or the San Francisco Bay Area, we can help. Conventional loans through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA Insured Loan programs can all be combined with these special teacher assistance features. If you are an educator or support staff anywhere in California, let us help you achieve your dream of home ownership now!

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