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Each branch of the US Military has a unique mission in defending the interests and safety of the citizens of the United States.

Whether you are Active Duty personnel or Veteran status, we all owe a debt of gratitude to all that serve.  We know the sacrifices you and your families make each and every day to keep us safe at home.  Envoy Mortgage is honored to serve the needs of Veterans and their families to provide VA Home Mortgages at competitive rates and fees.  Superior service and communication is our specialty and we want to make sure that your home buying experience is an exceptional one.  It’s our turn to watch out for you.

The VA Home Loan Program is a benefit that you have earned and the rewards are enormous.  100% financing with No Down Payment is just the start.  Other loan programs required PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance unless you have a sizable down payment.  Veteran and military loans do not require PMI, even with no down payment, so the savings in your monthly payment is substantial.  The interest rate on a Veteran home loan is usually lower than a conventional loan, increasing your monthly savings even more.  Veteran and military Loans are much more forgiving on previous credit mishaps and do not have major fee increases for lower credit scores.  You can be eligible for a New VA Home Purchase in as little as ONE YEAR after a Short Sale or TWO YEARS after a Foreclosure, depending on the circumstances and the type of loan that was foreclosed on.  Envoy Mortgage offers both Fixed and Adjustable Interest Rates on the Veteran and military Home Loan Program.  Veteran and military Loans are not just for first time, or entry level buyers.  Envoy Mortgage offers Conforming, High Balance and Jumbo VA loans to accommodate Veterans and Service Members wanting to purchase a home in one of the High Cost Counties in California. Loan amounts can well exceed one million dollars for those meeting the credit, income, appraisal and down payment requirements of the VA Home Loan Program. Call Doug Bullwinkel at (800) 636-8910 for more details on what restrictions may apply.